King McBride is a dedicated ladies’ man. Ladies, meaning many, plural, plethora. Nearly two years ago, the woman that King dedicated his life to walked away without explanation, breaking his heart and dissipating all sensitivity and emotion that came with it. Now one year into a goal to sleep with 1,000 women before recommitting himself to another woman, King isn’t the dog that all women hate. King is the man that all women love. He just doesn’t offer love in return.

Working full time as a pharmaceutical sales rep, King’s chief product is a sex enhancement pill. With a customer base made up of mostly unhappy middle aged men, his high sells rate bring with them the sob stories of failed marriages, insecurity, dull sex lives and mistrust. Stories that fuel his ambition to complete his endeavor.

His two best friends, Chuck and Green, are in committed relationships that come with unshakable baggage while his younger brother, Kevin, can’t get a girl to save his life. Together, the trio is King’s council, support system and voices of reasoning as they eagerly hang on to his every step along the journey while seeking advice from one another on their own women problems or lack thereof.

Raw Dog King, isn’t a series about reckless, unsafe sex. It’s the following of a highly intelligent man’s journey to meet his sexual needs without being in a committed relationship. The life of successful, single men who do not desire relationships but craver temporary companionship. It’s the exploration of the sexually explicit thoughts that men have of women every day. Come follow King and his crew as they dive deep into conversation and debate over women, love, sex, commitment, and success.



Long live the King…